Foot Health Week 2020

Foot Health Week 2020 is upon us and this year’s theme is getting back on track – “Fit Feet for a Better You”.

2020 has been a challenging year for us all, but our Podiatrists at Coorparoo Podiatry are here to help you to get back on track one step at a time. Our tips for getting back into regular activity include:

  1. Check your footwear is the right fit and style for your activity – ask your Podiatrist
  2. Take it slow and steady. Think about your goals and break this down into manageable steps
  3. Warm up! And don’t forget stretching after exercise
  4. Deal with any foot concerns, pains or niggles that may be holding you back – see your Podiatrist for a check up!
  5.  Enjoy yourself. Start with 5 mins a day and build up from there

For more useful facts, visit or make an appointment with your Podiatrist today on 3397 2193.

Happy exercising!