Foot Health Week 2019

Foot Health Week 2019 is coming up on 14-20th October and it’s time to STAND UP FOR YOUR HEALTH and ‘Find out where your feet fit in’.

When we have painful or problem feet, it can affect our whole body’s function and how we feel on a daily basis!

Podiatrists are the experts when it comes to foot health and the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of foot related problems. We can undertake biomechanical and gait assessments to see how your feet fit in with the rest of your body.

Do you:

-experience foot pain?
-have sore hips or knees?
-have leg pain?
-experience discomfort walking or standing?
-experience leg or foot pain during sport?
-need advice about footwear?
(Australian Podiatry Association)

If you answered yes to any of the above it’s time to see a Podiatrist!

Call us on 3397 2193 for an appointment with one of our experienced Podiatrists at Coorparoo Podiatry

Have a look at this link to the National Podiatry Association to find out more: