Diabetic Foot Australia Conference

Last week our Podiatrist Ellie attended the Diabetic Foot Australia Conference at Howard Smith Wharves, Brisbane. This conference was a great opportunity to discover the latest research and the new guidelines for treating diabetic foot disease.

In 2019, on any given day in Australia 50 000 people are living with diabetic foot disease and 12 500 are living with a diabetes related amputation (Diabetic Foot Australia). Our job as Podiatrists is vital to help prevent these problems and manage them appropriately to maximise the best outcomes for our patients.

This conference was an excellent way for health professionals from various settings (e.g. vascular and orthopaedic surgeons, endocrinologists, podiatrists, wound care nurses and others) to come together and use the latest research and guidelines to help provide evidence based treatment for our diabetic patients.

New guidelines were released from the International Working Group for Diabetic Foot Disease which help to guide our clinical practice in the assessment of diabetic feet and treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and other complications.

Here at Coorparoo Podiatry, we regularly perform foot checks and neurovascular examinations for our diabetic patients. We can also provide general foot care, footwear advice and help manage your diabetic foot concerns. Please contact us if you would like any more information or to see one of our friendly Podiatrists for a diabetic foot check!

The Diabetic Foot Australia website also has some excellent information for patients on caring for Diabetic Feet: